Shop with a Cop

shop with a cop

A Law Enforcement Officer helps a local child shop during the Boyle County “Shop With a Cop” event this year.

We want to share a special story that recently appeared in the local paper. We are so glad to be able to help with this special project. We hated to hear that kids were being left out, so we decided it would be better to take a little off our own Christmas to ensure others had something. What the story doesn’t mention is that some of the kids were buying things that most of us consider everyday basic needs.

The officers involved wanted these kids to have positive interaction with law enforcement in a safe environment and to help make their Christmas a little brighter. We couldn’t be happier to help. Quite a few local attorneys joined us to set aside professional competition and come together for this wonderful cause.  It is part of who we are in this community that law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, clerks, and our community at large work together for the common good.

What a wonderful way to demonstrate that at this time of year, and hopefully in the one to come!

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Reminiscences: George M. McClure, Sr.

The McClure Family has been active in the Danville and Boyle County area for generations. Case in point: This video from 1940 showcasing Patrick McClure‘s great-grandfather (and George M. McClure, III‘s grandfather), George M. McClure, Sr, who lived to be 105, and was a graduate of the Kentucky School for the Deaf and Centre College.

George M. McClure, Sr. was also a teacher and an administrator at the Kentucky School for the Deaf beginning in 1880 and continuing for 67 years. Below is a video of Mr. McClure from 1940.

Gallaudet University’s Video Catalog includes this video, called, Reminiscences by Dr. George M. McClure of Kentucky in which Dr. McClure shares the history of how the Kentucky School for the Deaf in Danville, Kentucky (Boyle County) became one of the first state-supported deaf schools in the country.




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