MLK day tribute: The best parts of we.

THE BEST PARTS OF WE… by Patrick McClure

So as usual on this day, I try to remind my boys what this holiday is about, not just missing school. I read the speech to them. It is important that they learn, and it is truly moving to hear it in your own voice, because it is not for any “they”. It is for “we”.
My boys are getting older. They are beginning to understand. They ask questions about how militias of the state can turn fire hoses on little children. How ordinary citizens can justify burning a cross in their neighbors’ yards. How devils in white hoods can threaten the lives and dreams of our communities, black, white, red, or yellow with dripping hatred, violence, and murder.
I have to answer that they are cowards. They may stand on big stages, but they are still too low to take the pillowcases off their heads and let the world judge them. They may have turned in their sheets for screen names and avatars, but their cloak of cowardice is just as great, and far more reaching.
However we must consider that they are also the woman who walks down the other aisle at the grocery store because they don’t like the look of the guy buying bread. They are the juror who decides a man’s guilt when he walks in the trial, not at the close of evidence. They are the lawyer who begins his work assuming he knows what happened based solely on where it happened and with whom. They are me. They are the worst parts of me.
But this man we celebrate today represented a hope for a better time, a better soul of this nation, this grand experiment. He died in Memphis not waging a war for race, but speaking for sanitation workers, many of them white, trying to alleviate deplorable conditions. His life was not only about race, but about a social breakdown that caused people to lose faith in what we CAN do; what we CAN be. He did not speak and he did not die for one cause, but for many. He did not just fight “them” in their sheets and armour and vitriol. He fought me. He fought for ideas and temperament because all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
So he wrote, he spoke, he marched, and he preached not for us, or for them… but for WE. The best parts of WE.
Don’t ever forget it. Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. So as we look back today at the horrors of the 19th and 20th centuries, let’s not be so arrogant as to think that shameful thoughts and evil deeds, along with the apathy of the good children of light, do not persist. Reject the unearned fears, the reticence to accept all our neighbors as friends and brothers. Remember to look first at the content of the character of the man down the street, in the courtroom, in the grocery; so that WE the people can let freedom ring. The best parts of WE.

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Shop with a Cop

shop with a cop

A Law Enforcement Officer helps a local child shop during the Boyle County “Shop With a Cop” event this year.

We want to share a special story that recently appeared in the local paper. We are so glad to be able to help with this special project. We hated to hear that kids were being left out, so we decided it would be better to take a little off our own Christmas to ensure others had something. What the story doesn’t mention is that some of the kids were buying things that most of us consider everyday basic needs.

The officers involved wanted these kids to have positive interaction with law enforcement in a safe environment and to help make their Christmas a little brighter. We couldn’t be happier to help. Quite a few local attorneys joined us to set aside professional competition and come together for this wonderful cause.  It is part of who we are in this community that law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, clerks, and our community at large work together for the common good.

What a wonderful way to demonstrate that at this time of year, and hopefully in the one to come!

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The Accidental Bigamist

Why it is so vital to make sure you get and keep your records in a Divorce

I was asked recently how changes in Kentucky’s marriage license forms could affect issues arising from subsequent marriages. I believe ultimately the Legislature will need to revise the language authorizing the various County Clerk’s offices to issue the licenses, but for now using the phrase “The Office of the Boyle County Clerk”, or whatever County it may be, would suffice. In point of fact, the elected Circuit Clerk or County Clerk rarely signs documents or licenses anyway, as that is almost always handled by the Deputy Clerks who greet you at the window.

However, in looking at the question I was reminded of another issue that can arise. The form asks if the applicant has been married before, but there is little other verification that the prior marriage has been dissolved by death or divorce. A person who knowingly misrepresented that fact on a marriage license request would be signing a false affidavit, and when the marriage occurs, be knowingly engaged in Bigamy, a crime in all 50 states. Continue reading

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