DUI and Drug Charges

What Should I Do If I’m Charged With DUI?Criminal Defense Attorney for DUI Charges and Alcohol

Hire an attorney. If you are charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and you do not plan to plead guilty, the sooner you get an attorney, the better. If you do plan to plead guilty, especially if this is not your first DUI charge, hiring an attorney may help you to determine the best steps to take to protect yourself.

If you plan to go to trial, having a lawyer will be of great value, as compared to attempting to represent yourself. You will need the experience of a DUI attorney to help you navigate a court trial.

An experienced DUI lawyer knows the law. A DUI lawyer also what steps you can take to minimize the damage of a DUI conviction to your life after you leave court. If you have a question, your lawyer will have the answer.

If you have been charged with DUI (sometimes called DWI) and you need to consult with an attorney, call us. We have the experience you need to help defend yourself.

What Should I Do If I’m Facing Drug Charges?

Criminal Defense Lawyer for Drug ChargesIf you have arrested on suspicion with possession or intent to distribute drugs, or if you have been charged with any drug-related crimes, you need a lawyer with successful experience defending people with similar charges. You need good advice from someone who knows the law and knows how to guide you during this stressful time. You need a lawyer who can defend you, whether you are facing federal or state charges, misdemeanor or felony charges, and you need a lawyer as soon as possible after you are arrested and/or charged. You do not want to face these charges without a defense attorney.

You should be aware that our constitution protects you from unlawful searches and seizures, and if it is possible to get the case thrown out of court beforehand, we will take steps to make that happen. We will advise you on accepting a plea bargain if that will serve you best, or going to trial if that is in your best interest — given your specific situation. If you are found guilty, having a drug crime defense attorney working for you can lessen or even eliminate extended jail or prison time.

Drug charges may include:

  • Rx Fraud
  • Prescription drug possession
  • Manufacturing controlled substances
  • Trafficking of controlled substances
  • Sale of narcotics
  • Delivery of narcotics
  • Intent to sell controlled substances
  • Intent to distribute controlled substances
  • Possession of controlled substances including:
    • Methamphetamine
    • Oxycodone/Oxycotin
    • Marijuana
    • Cocaine/Crack Cocaine
    • Heroin
    • Ecstasy and “Designer” Drugs
    • Mushrooms
    • Other controlled substances

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