George M. McClure, III

George M. McClure, Danville KY LawyerGeorge McClure has served the interest of justice for over fifty years.

McClure, McClure & Bailey, PLLC, offers a broad range of legal services. The Commonwealth of Kentucky does not certify legal practice specialties, but George focuses his time on Estate Law (with particular attention being given to clients who need an Estate Planning Attorney and those navigating Probate Cases) and Bankruptcy Law (including helping clients with Chapter 7 bankruptcies).


George M. McClure, III is a native of Danville, Kentucky with a family history in Boyle County that goes back for generations. He is the son of the late Dr. George M. McClure, Jr, ( 9/29/1904- 05/14/1986) a prominent doctor in Danville who served the Danville community for half a century.

He is also grandson of George M. McClure, Sr. (9/18/1861—9/18/1966) who graduated from the Kentucky School for the Deaf and went on to Centre College for special courses. He worked at the Kentucky School for the Deaf for 67 years, beginning in 1880, during which time he served as teacher and administrator. He was also the editor of the Kentucky Standard (a newspaper for the deaf community) from 1883 until 1942.

George M. McClure, III attended Danville schools and Hill School Prep before beginning study at Princeton University, where he graduated in 1956. He then served in the United States Marine Corp as a 1st Lieutenant. After his military service concluded, George attended Denver University Law School and graduated in 1963. He was admitted to the Colorado Bar in 1963 and practiced there until he moved back to Kentucky in 1969. He was admitted by motion to the Kentucky Bar.

Public Service

The Hon. George M. McClure, III was appointed Boyle County Attorney by County Judge Gilbert White in 1971 and served for three decades in that position as a dedicated and well-loved public servant.

In 1978, following the State Constitutional Amendment creating the Unified Court system we now know as District and Circuit Court, George was instrumental in creating the program in Boyle and Mercer counties which served as a model for the implementation of the same system in many jurisdictions across the Commonwealth.

When he retired in December of 2002, he was one of the longest sitting County Attorneys in the Commonwealth.

Private Practice

Following his career in office, George worked part-time alongside his son, Patrick S. McClure in the same building on Main Street in Danville, Kentucky that had been used by his father (Dr. George M. McClure, Jr) as the office for his medical practice when George was a child. George and Patrick, formed McClure & McClure Attorneys in 2004 and moved to their current location on North Third Street in Danville. In 2015, attorney Brian D. Bailey joined the firm, which was then renamed McClure, McClure and Bailey.

George is revered throughout central Kentucky as much for his commitment to professional courtesy and collegiality as his legal knowledge, service, and intuition. He has often been recognized for his dedication as a prosecutor and his skill in handling the defense of the accused. Since his retirement from public office, he has been identified and asked to testify as a witness in Circuit Court proceedings privately and for the Office of the Attorney General in cases regarding legal ethics and the authorities of a Power of Attorney.

Today, George is still a fixture in local courthouses and works primarily with Estate Planning, Probate Cases and Bankruptcies. He is respected as much for his kindenss and humility as for his keen legal mind and knowledge.

Community Service

George and his wife, Patsy, spear-headed efforts in Danville for housing facilities for the deaf community. He also serves on the following nonprofit boards:

  • McClure-Barbee Foundation – President, 1990-2014
  • Boyle Landmark Trust – Board Member, 2014-present
  • Boyle County Democratic Executive Committee Member, 1980-1995
  • “Rally on the Square” Emcee, 1990-2003
  • West T. Hill Community Theater – Organizer, Board Member and Actor – 1981-1997

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