About McClure, McClure & Bailey – Attorneys in Boyle County

About Danville LawyersMcClure, McClure & Bailey PLLC is a full-service law firm located at 326 West Main Street in Danville, Kentucky.

Although Kentucky does not certify legal specialties, our three attorneys have certain areas of the law that have become their professional focus. We do some things differently and we have some approaches in common, to ensure you will get the best legal representation and service for your needs and your particular situation. Our firm has enjoyed a long, successful history of service to the residents of Boyle County and surrounding Central Kentucky counties.

We offer services in Bankruptcy, Civil Litigation, Criminal Law including DUI/Drug Charges, and other police involvement, Family Law including Divorce, Custody, Adoption, Visitation/Timesharing, and Child Support. We also offer legal counsel and representation for Estate Planning, Probating Estates, Personal Injury and, most importantly, offering advice and assistance in your time of need.

We also understand that attorneys, especially in a small firm committed to their individual clients, should recognize what they should not do, as much as offering the highest service in those fields where they regularly practice. Our commitment to serving our clients means that our advice will be guided by what is best for you, not ourselves, and we will tell you when and if your individual issue or situation may be better served elsewhere. Our mission is to serve you the best way we know how, and that will always be our guide.

George M. McClure, III

George has been practicing law for over fifty years. In 1978, George was instrumental in implementing the Unified Court System which consists of the District and Circuit Courts we know today. This change in the system followed a Kentucky Constitutional Amendment which fundamentally altered the justice system across the Commonwealth. He was  one of the longest sitting prosecutors in the Commonwealth of Kentucky when he retired from public service. His initial appointment and later reelection — eight times — as County Attorney in Boyle County is still one of the longest in Kentucky history. Today, George serves as an Estate Planning Attorney, Bankruptcy Lawyer and serves his clients in other areas as needed. (Read More About George…)

Patrick S. McClure

Patrick grew up watching his father serve in District courts in Boyle and Mercer counties. He followed his father’s example and became a career litigator in 2000. He joined his father’s firm in 2002, which then became McClure & McClure, PLLC. The two moved to their current location in 2004. Patrick has been published by the Kentucky Court of Appeals on issues of Child Custody, and participates in the Boyle and Mercer County Model Court system for the continued implementation of the Family Courts of the Commonwealth. Patrick focuses his service to clients as a Family Law and Divorce Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney. (Read More About Patrick…)

Brian D. Bailey

Brian joined the George and Patrick in their practice in 2015 and the firm was renamed McClure, McClure & Bailey, PLLC, at that time. Brian hails from a career as a business owner before becoming a lawyer. His background in Real Estate, Sales/Advertising, Construction, Book Keeping, and Customer Services means he knows business. His focus in his legal practice is helping business owners succeed from the beginning by helping the select the best business formation model from launch, advising them on tax implications of their decisions, and helping them to avoid the pitfalls that new business owners often experience. Brian brings the same commitment to personal service for our firm’s clients, and a spirit of collegiality within the Bar, that has always marked the career of our founder and his son. (Read More About Brian…)

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